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[Responding to Medical Peak] Li Dan: Be a Healing Pediatrician

Information source: hrBzdNKq

At 5 pm on December 22, Li Dan, a resident of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, came to the "Love Clinic" clinic on time. She just finished the big night shift at 16: 00-8: 00 yesterday. The voice was very soft, but facing the parents, they uttered their voices so that they could hear clearly.

The first doctor was a 10-year-old girl with a red face and a bad spirit. She didn't say a word from start to finish.

"Doctor, this child has had a high fever for four days. After taking the antipyretic medicine, his temperature can drop, but he can only control it for three or four hours, and then burn to 39.6 degrees. If he does not like to eat, he always feels weak and has a sore throat. "

"Does the joint hurt? Is it vomiting? Is it vomiting after taking the medicine? Or vomiting after eating? Has a rash occurred?

"No vomiting and no rash."

After the auscultation, Li Dan said to the parents while conducting a single test: "The child's lungs are sputum-free, his throat is a little red, and he should drink plenty of water when he has a fever. First, do a finger blood and throat swab."

"But we checked blood routine and throat swabs in other hospitals 3 days ago. Mycoplasma is negative, so we need to check again?" The parents were a little puzzled.

"The results of the throat swabs may be different at different stages of the disease, so a review is needed."

As soon as the parents took the test sheet, when they were about to go out, a young mother flashed in holding her child. She said, "Doctor, my baby is always coughing, it ’s fine during the day, and I have a bad cough at night. I do n’t have a fever. I have a runny nose, no sputum, no diarrhea, no rash, and took cough medicine at home, but I'm not assured, you listen to it, it won't be pneumonia, right? "While the doctor asks, the parents will treat the child's symptoms The description is clear.

Li Dan rubbed the stethoscope in the palm of her hand a few times before putting it on the child's chest. After checking her throat with a tongue depressor, she was afraid of the child's reflex and vomiting, and patted the child's back gently.

"The child is not pneumonia. You have cough medicine at home. If the cough is severe, you can continue to eat it or you can do atomization."

"Doctor, I've come here. You can prescribe some medicine. I keep it at home and I'm at ease."

The third baby who went to the clinic had a big voice. From the corridor to the clinic, he sang all the way. After seeing Li Dan, he cried louder.

"The child had a cold two days ago, cough, runny nose, but I didn't spit, I watched it at home. Today, I got a fever of 38.9 degrees, and said that my throat hurts. I checked the blood in the community hospital, but it was still normal. A little uneasy, let's take a look. "

"The child has a herpes in the throat area. Take off your pants and socks and see if there is a rash on the butt and feet."

"Doctor, do you think it's hand, foot and mouth?"

Li Dan held the child's little feet and said, "The etiology of herpes, pharyngitis and herpes angina is the same, but the performance is different. There are herpes on the hands, feet, mouth, and ass, but you The child only has herpes in her throat, so it is herpes angina. This disease has an incubation period. You should pay attention to monitor your child's temperature when you go home. Do not go to kindergarten for two weeks. "

"Doctor, is this disease contagious?"

"Herpes pharyngitis is more common in outpatient clinics. It is the epidemic season from April to September, but it occurs throughout the year. Prescribe some medicine to take. If there are changes, it is recommended to come to the hospital for further examination. Reduce clothing during high fever Drink plenty of warm water. If your hands and feet are cold, you can help your child to warm their hands and feet, which will help to cool down. Some children will feel foreign body sensations and pain in their mouths, and some children will not feel anything, so they should eat warmly. Just a bit, don't get too hot. "

It is already 22:00, and the doctor in the clinic next door is preparing to leave work. Li Dan is still waiting for the results of the first child's examination.

"I did not expect the result to be positive. It was a Mycoplasma infection. Thankfully, I heard you and did another check," the parents said gratefully.

"Doctor Li, I found that when you treat a baby, you cover your stethoscope and pat your child. You also emphasize that you do n’t eat your hands to prevent infection. It is very gentle. Communication and respect. "

"I hope I can become a pediatrician of the Department of Healing, which can save people and make them warmer." Li Dan smiled at me.

Text, photo | Chi Yang

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