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Leafy vegetables in the south have loosened, and melons and eggplants in the north have fluctuated. Vegetables in the country have changed in different ranges.

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The winter solstice season just past, once again reminded everyone that time is passing so fast, after December, this year also passed, the time is changing fast, and the vegetables are changing.

The southern region has been affected by cold air in the early stages, and the growth of vegetables has been limited. Therefore, the price has basically risen, but this situation has continued to the later stage, and once again has become a resistance to the rise in vegetable prices. The quality of vegetables that have been hit by frost is generally not good. , The amount of shrinking, followed by the warmer weather, the growth of leafy vegetables gradually recovered, the output continued to increase, and the market began to loosen.

For the central region, the range of fluctuations in radiation today is also continuously expanding. Wuhan Changsha leafy vegetables, melons, and eggplants are all involved. The price of red cabbage and moss, which is constantly increasing, has shrunk sharply, and the southern market has been affected. Most other varieties are also affected to varying degrees. Range.

The performance of Beijing Xinfadi and Xi'an Xinqiao is relatively flat compared to the central region. The fluctuation of Shouguang Logistics Park has increased, and oil beans, millet persimmons, green bell peppers, and Wuhu peppers all have relatively good gains.

Southern market: production and marketing have loosened, and some leafy vegetables have weakened their performance

The performance of Guangzhou's leafy vegetables is slightly weak. Except for Italian, Milky White, Western Health, and Silver Silk, which have temporarily stabilized their positions, the rest have fluctuated within 10%. Among them, spinach continued to fall by nearly 10%, and the decline was relatively obvious.

Yesterday's Kale, which had a large amount of water, temporarily stabilized, and today the Caixin relay fell. Fortunately, the decline was not large, and the cost of 6 yuan per piece was missing. Because of the continuous shipment and continuous increase in supply, the price of red cabbage stalks in Hubei, Hunan has continued to decrease slightly. Today, they have fallen to the position of 4.8 yuan and 2.4 yuan per kilogram, constantly testing the marginal bottom line.

After recent adjustments in Yunnan's production areas, the weaker situation has gradually intensified, and some leafy vegetables have hovered downward, including Shangqing, Spring Vegetables, Milk White, Spinach, and Xisheng, which have all fallen by more than 10 points today. The poor and affected ones were those with increased supply and weaker demand, while those with foreign currencies and mustard slightly outperformed, and the rest performed mediocrely.

Some leafy vegetables in Shenzhen are also in a downward trend. Spring vegetables, milky whites, and late vegetables are not exempt, and Caixin has retreated. Several pinto beans varieties continue to decline slightly, and the rest are stable.

The situation of melons and pinto beans has remained unchanged. The zucchini in Guangzhou and Jiangnan has risen by nearly 20%, while the pinto is weak. White flowers, pine flowers, dutch beans, and sweet beans have fallen by 10 points or less on average. This pinto bean continued to decline slightly, and most of it remained stable.

Central market: the overall range of fluctuations has increased, red cabbage moss has continued to shrink

Variety varieties of Wuhan Four Seasons Beauty have increased, and individual changes have become more intense. Leaf greens have rebounded by 15 points and are the only bright red, while red cabbage moss is under greater pressure on its own site. Both Down, with 34% and 19% downside respectively today.

Kale also fell 12 points in response to the continuous adjustment of the southern market. On the other hand, the overall performance of melons and pinto beans is small and fluctuating. The performance of black long eggplant, red pickled pepper and pine cauliflower is relatively outstanding, and the price has risen by more than 11 points on average.

On the side of Changsha Haijixing, leafy vegetables fell steadily, red cabbage stalks were desperate, and prices plunged, shrinking by 40% and 20%, respectively. The market that can be active in the central region is constantly narrowing, and the rest such as mustard and pakchoi perform well. Also not very active.

Although the situation of leafy vegetables has weakened, the overall growth and decline of melon and eggplant has increased, and many varieties have risen. Dongsheng pumpkin, zucchini, green line peppers, and green bell peppers are more eye-catching, with an average increase of 11-18 points, and the rest are in general .

Henan Wanbang has always been the leader of the fluctuations in the central region, and its recent performance is no exception. It has been steadily fluctuating today, but the overall volatility is not large. It has hovered within the normal range in the past two days.

Northern market: Beijing and Xi'an are flat, fluctuations in Shouguang Logistics Park rise

Xinfadi in Beijing tends to be calm, with only a few emerging buddings, wrinkled peppers, green beans, long bean and other red rose, rising by an average of 1-1.4 yuan / kg, mostly flat. Xi'an Xinqiao tends to converge with Beijing, except for Yaumai, whose head has fallen 14 points and nothing else.

Although the main body of Shouguang Logistics Garden Guahuahuadou is still fluctuating within a certain space, today's rally has the upper hand, and many varieties are bright red. Among them, oil beans, pig ear lentils and millennium persimmons have appeared, and the increase is 0.5-1 per catty. yuan.

The green pumpkin, Wuhu pepper, and green bell pepper are not outdone, and they are all pulling up. Today, they all rebounded by 6-8 hairs / kg. The rest of them are within a small range except for the relative disadvantage of millet peppers, which is reduced by 14 points. Fluctuations dominate and have little impact.

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