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Under the "protection" of the director, the club turned into a vicious nest, and the missing woman was killed by the black gang, and the boss was finally punished

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Anti-crime and anti-corruption issues have always been the key concerns of our country. Recently, with regard to the launch of a blackmailing conference in Yulin, progress has been made in various tasks, and many gangs involved in evil and scams have been removed.

Among them, for the mastermind of trafficking such as Chi Guojun, the initial trial sentence was maintained. For Wu Donglin, the director of Guangxi, he was fined a large sum of fines for cover, conspiracy, and bribery, and was sentenced to 8 years.

The beginning of the matter: the footless girl was killed

From July 2016 to May 17th, Chi Guojun and a man jointly operated an Imperial Dragon Club. On the surface, this is a place where health care is provided. In fact, it runs a prostitution business in private. Xiao Yu is one of the prostitutes. She has a love affair with regular customer Chen and often dates in private. On May 23, after Chi Guojun discovered the incident, he was stunned by anger, sent to hospital for rescue, and eventually died.

Early on the 24th, Xiaoyu's father received a phone call and heard the news of Xiaoyu's death. Later, after a police investigation, Xiaoyu was injured in multiple places throughout her body, and the cause of death was that she was killed alive. The most likely suspect is her so-called dating boyfriend Chi Guojun.

The light rain in 1994 was originally an optimistic child, but in 2012, she suddenly proposed that she didn't want to study and went to work. According to her friends, the reason was that she knew Chi Guojun at the time and was trapped by him step by step. At the same time, Chi Guojun was very considerate to Xiaoyu's parents. He often sent things and packaged tours to convince his parents that he was taking his daughter to open a supermarket in Guangxi.

In-depth investigation: find nowhere else

After Xiao Yu's death, the police conducted an in-depth investigation and found that Chi Guojun used these stolen girls to make money by prostitution. With naked photos and video prestige in their hands, they are controlled by violence, and even women are required to take at least three orders a day and be beaten if they are not successful.

Many women did not dare to heal after being beaten. They could only endure on their own and slowly wait for the wound to heal. And this sex estate is really a family business, and everyone in the family is involved.

Well, if it wasn't for this dead girl's death, it might not have been found for a long time. The main reason is that they have a powerful umbrella on their heads, which is Wu Donglin, the director.

Wu Donglin took advantage of his post for a long time, converged huge wealth, and secretly supported the club. After the matter came to light, the Supervisory Committee investigated it directly. The latest development is that on December 18th, Wu Donglin was sentenced to eight years in prison and his fortune was confiscated.

Netizens: applaud this behavior

Many netizens have praised the work process of Yulin City this time. Some people say that the light of justice will surely shine on those seemingly remote places, and one day all the truth will be revealed. Those who take bribes from other people and those who are forced into prostitution will certainly pay a price for it and use their lives to comfort the persecuted girls.

Some people say that the real wicked may be those who look gentle. Girls must pay attention to protecting themselves, not to be moved by the rhetoric of others, to abandon school for them, and finally to a path of no return. When parents find that their children have such a tendency to be tired of learning, they must learn more, rather than listen to the words, and only wake up to the death to realize the truth of the matter.

The author believes that Wu Donglin's punishment is a little too light. Chi Guojun and others are the masterminds of the crime, and they paid the price with their lives. Wu Donglin was only sentenced to a few years of punishment. After he came out, he could still live comfortably.

However, those foot-lost girls in the vagina suffered a lot of physical pain, and the haze on the mind could not be removed. They may be rejected by others when they return home, and there may be various taunting voices around them, which will cause secondary damage to them.

Regarding such things as sheltering and prostitution, the author hopes that the relevant state departments must strengthen their crackdown and monitoring efforts. The staff in the administration system must keep their integrity. Only when the people above are dedicated to the people, can the people have a happy life.

Various remote areas should pay more attention to this kind of things, and the breeding of many evils occurs in places that are not concerned. In the health care and bathing industries, this type of industry is likely to cause problems. The relevant departments must check it carefully to prevent such problems.

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