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Why is Jin Dong called "old cadre"?

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Putting aside Jin Dong, let's talk about "old cadres" first. "Veteran cadres" describe a person who is particularly upright in his three perspectives, and who is righteous. He has certain opinions and attitudes towards everything, and will not do things that are not good for himself or others. But when talking about a person in the entertainment industry as an "old cadre", it means that this person has the style of an old cadre in his work and life. In today's entertainment world. Jin Dong is just such a person. His charm lies in mystery. It is impossible to see his private life from Weibo.

Jin Dong became popular because of his role in "The Pretender". This is the work of producer Hou Hongliang. He has also played a lot of Hou Hongliang's works before, but he has not appeared in the protagonist. For this time in "The Pretender", Hou Hongliang said: "Jin Dong is a good friend of mine. I used to run several plays that he has played before and have been talked about by many people. This shows that the actor has a problem in choosing the play. I hope the actor can go longer. In fact, each It is enough for the actor to have a representative work. In The Pretender, the role of Ming Lou is most suitable for Jin Dong to a certain extent. He released all the things accumulated over the years in this role. It's easy to say how good the Ming Lou was. Real actors are like this. They don't spend time exposing themselves in front of the audience, and they make sure that each play is a good work. This is the best way to prove an actor. Jin Dong has a big brother Fan, both in and out of the show, and is more responsible.

After the fire of "The Pretender", he also starred in "Langyao", "Surgery", "My First Half Life", "Ode to Joy", etc. During that time, he was interviewed by different media almost every day. This made him deeply exhausted, and he repeatedly stressed with the staff around the company, hoping to avoid interviews as much as possible in the future. After watching "My First Half of Life", the audience was more inclined to Chen Daoming and Jin Dong. So, how does Chen Daoming, who is an old drama bone, evaluate Jin Dong? In fact, Chen Daoming did not make any evaluation of Jingdong, but when the two locomotive photos were exposed, they almost killed everyone. From these photos, we can see that Chen Daoming and Jin Dong have a good relationship. Since they can become friends, it is also good to evaluate each other. Jin Dong said that Chen Daoming's attitude towards drama, life and society, let him know the benchmark of a good actor. He has repeatedly emphasized that he is an actor and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

I remember a host who interviewed him before said that Jin Dong himself is more handsome than the photo shooter. He is a very powerful person. The thick feeling of the man is reflected in him. As long as he speaks, he can hear it This is an actor with very deep lines. Hu Ge once said that Jin Dong is not an actor in his eyes, but more like an artist, a person with a very rich cultural heritage. He said he was looking up at Jin Dong and often listened to his teachings. Later, I saw some reports that Hu Ge did not take part in the show for a year because Jin Dong told him that the actor must have his own life and must nourish his life.

A trick is considered to be bigger than the sky, and there are gentle people outside and in the play. When others call him "old cadre", he bluntly says that everyone's evaluation of him is too high. Duty. Who doesn't like such an actor?

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