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China's pet care market is worth $ 1.5 billion

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Now in China, "beauty" for pets is already expensive.

In China, the country with the lowest birth rate in the world, more and more middle-class couples now choose to spend a lot of time and money on pets.

Phoebe Yu, who lives in Shanghai, and her husband have four cats and two dogs. They spend $ 600 (about 3670 yuan) on cat food, dog food, pet litter, and bathing them each month. They also undergo routine physical examinations each year for as little as $ 245 (about 1499 yuan).

In addition, they must have a Japanese hot spring and winter sweaters. "I take dogs and cats to the salon for beauty treatments. In summer, I give them a cool bath to relax, and sometimes make a hot spring mud mask."

In China, about 7% of families raise dogs and 2% raise cats, and the pet care market's output value has reached US $ 1.5 billion (about 9.2 billion yuan). In the future, China ’s pet ownership rate will continue to rise. Research company Euromonitor International predicts that in the next five years, China ’s pet care industry output value will increase by 43% to 13.5 billion yuan.

Not only has the amount increased, so has the demand for pet food and luxury services. Different from feeding leftovers in the past, owners now pay more and more attention to the nutrition of pets. Nestlé, which owns pet food brand Purina, is ordering goods and introducing new products to China.

Special services are also emerging: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine treatments, manicures, dyeing of puppies 'fur, puppies' yoga ("dog yoga"), and more.

A Hong Kong salon even offers traditional Chinese medicine massage and orthopedic techniques to prevent pet arthritis and reduce hip pain. It costs US $ 20 (about RMB 122) every 15 minutes.

Financial services companies are also involved in this market. According to Chinese state media reports, last year, the People's Insurance Company of China began providing pet insurance for $ 550 (about 3364 yuan) per year.

Yu, who works part-time, said she and her husband do not plan to have children because they worry about environmental pollution, food safety, social order, and academic pressure. She is happy to spend time with her "little fur balls" and believes that keeping pets is much easier than raising children.

"It's very easy to get into pets," she said. "I just need to care about them being fed, warm and no major accidents."

The 36-year-old Yu will even ask her friends who travel abroad to help buy the latest "pet haute couture". She likes Korean animal fashion best.

"The pets give you back a lot too-when you are unhappy, call them and they will surround you," Yu said, "I will keep these first, and when they grow up, I may Keep more. "

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