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4 effective ways to cultivate primary school students' attention in home education

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In the six years that a child has been in elementary school, there is nothing that has generally made parents angry. It is easier for children to get distracted when they are studying. Parents talk to their children, but the children look away; parents accompany their children to do their homework, but the children secretly play mobile phones; parents let their children read for half an hour, but the children escape from the desk in less than five minutes ... This is a distraction.

Attention is a psychological quality, which refers to the direction and concentration of a person's psychological activity towards a certain object. Attention is divided into intentional attention and unintentional attention based on whether it is purposeful and whether it is through will effort. The characteristics of elementary school students' attention are: first, the unintentional attention as a whole plays a major role, and the gradual transition from lower to higher grades, the proportion of intentional attention increases year by year; second, the attention of elementary school students is unstable and obvious Emotional color, that is, they can't concentrate for a long time, and whether the concentration is related to their interest in the object they are concerned with. It's hard to focus on several things at the same time.

That being said, it is normal for children to have difficulty concentrating, and it is age-specific. But attentional bias can seriously affect children's physical and mental development, especially the learning effect, and there is a large gap between children. This requires schools and families to pay attention to developing children's attention. So what should parents do in family education?

1. Educate children to clarify their learning goals and strengthen their sense of responsibility for learning.

In fact, when we say that children ca n’t sit or concentrate, they just mean the children ’s performance while studying. These children can certainly sit when watching cartoons or playing mobile phones. Watching cartoons and playing mobile phones is vivid and interesting, which can mobilize their unintentional attention; while learning is much less fun, and excessive homework is a boring thing. As a result, their unintentional attention cannot be aroused. Only their intentional attention can be mobilized. Attention to start requires a certain amount of willpower. This willpower comes first from the knowledge of learning.

Our adults want to participate in a training. At the beginning, the trainers often first come to an educational process of "unifying the mind and raising awareness", the purpose of which is to enable the trainees to "concentrate" and "listen to God". The truth is the same, except that children need it more. Therefore, in order for the child to consciously focus on completing the learning task, parents must patiently and repeatedly explain the meaning of learning to the child, inspiring the child's sense of responsibility for completing the learning task. 2. Help and urge your children to arrange study time as early as possible, and strive to form a good habit of regular learning.

Carry out the activities you are used to at the scheduled time, and you will be more focused and more efficient. Because a constant repetition of a steady rhythm of activity will promote the activity of the nervous system and its domination of related organs to form a corresponding rhythm. Regular learning also has a similar effect. People who read books every night will feel that their minds are most clear and their concentration is obviously concentrated at night.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to help their children form the habit of learning regularly. For example, get up in the morning to memorize words, go home from school to do homework, etc. If you maintain this learning arrangement for a period of time, your child will gradually develop a learning habit. At this time, the child will be more comfortable completing the learning tasks.

3. Reasonably grasp the time of one child's study to prevent the effect of fatigue learning on attention.

Elementary school students' physical strength, energy, and working ability of the brain and nerves are not as good as those of middle school students, and they are farther away from adults. Therefore, in the process of learning, primary school children are more prone to fatigue, and their attention must be distracted as soon as they are fatigued. Under normal circumstances, middle school children can concentrate on studying for twenty minutes, with lower grades and higher grades. Therefore, primary school teachers do not finish their forty minutes in class, but arrange a game or let the children stretch their hands and feet in the middle of a class. The lower grades often make children feel the rhythm. Let your child relax before continuing to class.

Parents should also be aware of this in family education, and don't let their children study for a long time at a time. At present, children usually have too much homework, which makes it easy for children to persist overtime. In this way, children will be fatigued, mentally retarded, and affect their concentration. The correct way is for parents to master the time, let the children focus on the study, pay attention to results, and then take a break or play for a while, and then concentrate on learning. 4. Control children's use of electronic products, especially mobile games.

Electronic products are good things, but they generally have a negative impact on children's learning, especially children's attention. On the face of it, it seems that like the specialty of interest, it can make children focus and help to develop concentration. Actually not, because this thing is too "tough". Games on mobile phones, animations on TV, sound and images are too exciting, and over time, ordinary visual aids are not enough to attract their attention. This has no small impact on the school's attention. For example: the black-and-white comic book villain that we have read before has attracted us like a magnet, but now it is thrown to elementary school students. They will turn a blind eye, because compared to the current picture books, they have seen little witches, not to mention they are watching animations and playing with mobile phones.

Therefore, parents still need to control their children's use of electronic products such as mobile phones. The height of awareness determines the strength of implementation. I think the problem is mainly the parents' awareness. Wu Yizheng, who had participated in the "Chinese Poetry Conference" in high school and won the championship, was admitted to Tsinghua University today. According to his parents, when children are studying at home, they never turn on their mobile phones. This also caused a heated discussion on the Internet. One of the netizens said that he was willing to smash the cell phone for the sake of the children to go to everyone. One said that his child was learning consciously. He had been playing with mobile phones at home, and the child was still in Tsinghua. There is no necessary causal relationship between mobile phones and going to college, but this is enough to illustrate the importance of Wu Yizheng's parents.

The ways and methods of cultivating children's attention are far more than the above, and they should be taught according to their specific circumstances and strengthened in a targeted and focused manner. In addition, it is necessary to provide children with a good learning place and create a good learning atmosphere; often actively contact the school teacher to jointly cultivate the child's attention. (Picture from the network)

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