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Who is susceptible to respiratory diseases

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Who is susceptible to respiratory diseases

The survey found that 8% to 12% of latex gloves worn by health care medical staff contain powder residue, which can cause severe allergic reactions to asthma. Powder can spread through the air. Even if you don't use latex gloves yourself, when you have colleagues wearing latex gloves in the same room, people who come into contact with them will gradually develop allergies.

Minimizing your chances of getting in contact with latex gloves is good for respiratory health, but for medical professionals, not using gloves is not a good choice. Serious allergies to powdery scum may end the careers of some health care workers. Construction industry players

Workers engaged in demolishing or renovating houses often inhale dust into the lungs, causing a high risk of lung diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and silicosis. Silicosis is a disease that can cause nodular fibrosis in the lungs.

Therefore, when engaged in construction work, it is advisable to wear a mask, protective clothing, and avoid smoking at the same time, which are all helpful to the health of the respiratory system. Textile Industry Staff

Asbestos lung is also called asbestosis. Most of these patients are people who are engaged in the textile industry, including people who are engaged in the manufacture of furniture and decorative materials, towels, socks, sheets, and clothing. This group of people inhales a large amount of asbestos dust released from textile cotton or other materials into the lungs, which will block the lung airflow over time.

For workers in the textile industry, it is advisable to maintain ventilation in the working environment and wear a mask when working, all of which are beneficial to the health of the respiratory system. Bar staff

People working in smoky bars also have a high probability of suffering from respiratory diseases, especially those who inhale second-hand smoke for a long time in bars. Today, many countries have banned people from smoking in restaurants and bars, ensuring the health of this group of workers. Studies have shown that those cities that have banned smoking have significantly improved the respiratory health of bar waiters. However, if you are working in a bar that allows smoking, to help your respiratory health, you should improve the ventilation of the work environment and quit smoking and limit alcohol. Manufacturing personnel

Occupational asthma has a higher prevalence among those engaged in motor vehicle manufacturing, especially those engaged in motor vehicle maintenance. Automatic spray paints such as isocyanates and polyurethane products can irritate the skin and cause skin irritation, as well as chest tightness and severe breathing difficulties. Once allergic to it, even small amounts of inhaled isocyanate can cause asthma attacks. About 5% of spray painters suffer from allergic reactions. If you are one of those 5% unfortunate people, you should stay away from paint products. Wearing gloves, masks, and goggles, and keeping the work environment ventilated, are effective measures to prevent disease.

Factory workers are in direct contact with dust and chemicals, which increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In food processing plants, there is a diodorant ingredient, diacetyl, used in microwave popcorn and instant foods, which can damage the human respiratory system and sometimes even cause the occurrence of fibrous occlusive bronchitis. Therefore, it is recommended that when you mix diacetyl in a large saucepan, close the lid and put on the filter mask. Infants

Children in infants and young children do not have a complete immune function, their defense function is not fully developed, they are susceptible to pneumonia, and they are more severe once they become ill. Infants under the age of 1 cause pneumonia to spread, fuse, and spread to both lungs because of low immunity; infants over 1 year of age and strong physiques gradually mature their responsiveness and increase their ability to limit infections. The lesion, if confined to one leaf, is lobar pneumonia. Due to the high incidence of pneumonia in infants and young children, and many complications, pneumonia has become one of the main causes of death in infants and young children, so it is very important to strengthen the prevention and treatment of this disease.

To prevent your baby from suffering from respiratory diseases, you should usually allow your child to do outdoor activities, exercise, and get more sun. The windows should be kept open and ventilated frequently to keep the air flowing. When the weather changes, clothes should be added and removed in time. Children should not be cold or sweaty. In the cold season, go to public places less to reduce the probability of children getting sick. Seniors

Elderly people are susceptible to respiratory diseases mainly because with the increase of age, the respiratory system functions slowly decline, and the elderly also have relatively weak resistance, so they are susceptible to respiratory diseases.

The elderly should avoid cold food to prevent respiratory diseases. Cold food can curb spleen and lung yang, phlegm and dampness, and make palpitations, cough and asthma worse. Drink as much water as possible and eat semi-liquid or easily digestible food to facilitate the discharge of sputum. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, eat less or not spicy spicy food, so as not to irritate the airway and cause severe cough.

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